Afras Engineering

Afras Engineering is an engineering/technology company involved in design, out-sourcing of engineering tools and providing engineering services.

Afras management is pleased to announce the expansion of the new engineering design center. This new establishment is primarily in response to the growing needs of water industries for advanced technology.

Afras offers its services to enhance your market positioning through shortened project cycles and significant cost-savings.

Afras is in a unique position to provide a comprehensive, value-added engineering solution. The fact that our clients' increasing design needs warranted the opening of our newest design center attests to the fact that out-sourcing design needs is one of the most viable solutions for companies, especially given the present economy.

Afras offers an in-house, dedicated, professional staff with depth and experience in water industries, which collaborates with other firms in order to provide a complete turnkey product development, up to delivery of the products. Beginning with product development, services include:

    • Product ideation conceptualization
    • Human factor studies
    • Product styling
    • Graphic design
    • Product related graphics renderings
    • Solid modeling
    • Prototype
    • Testing
    • Agency approval/listing
    • Pilot production samples
    • Out sourcing of the manufacturing of the product
    • Continue to maintain/update the products as required

    Afras Engineering services include:

    • Digitizing or converting drawings into 2D or any related 2D CAD works (such as AutoCAD, Anvil, ...)
    • Data conversion solutions for generating 3D (solid models) from actual parts,
      current 2D drawings and/or 3D related CAD work, rendering or modeling
    • Turnkey product design in the field of water delivery (pump, filter, valve, etc.), leisure, controls, treatment, sanitation and heating (including low emission combustion) during a mutually acceptable timetable
    • Proposal preparation and implementation of cost-saving potential through
      design improvement, material selection, logistics and processes to reduce
      the cost of manufacturing
    • Engineering design (with highly skilled engineering personnel) for companies competing in mechanical and electronic industries
    • Industrial design
    • Software development
    • Engineering analysis (FEA, mold flow analysis, etc.)